Integrative Pain Management

    360 Sports utilizes an individual patient-centered model of care for the management of acute and chronic pain issues. Integrative Pain Management involves the following:
  • Is an individualized patient-centered model of care, which considers the whole person, encouraging healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes as the first line treatment to restore wellness
  • Is evidence-based, bringing all appropriate traditional and therapeutic approaches and clinicians together with the patient in order to reduce pain and achieve optimal health and healing, which encourages a team approach and healing partnership between patient and provider
  • Creates a culture of wellness, encompassing patient-centered care that focuses on healing the whole person—body, mind and spirit within a community context
  • Empowers and educates individuals to be active participants in their own care, taking responsibility for their health and wellness, and integrates the best scientific medicine with a broader understanding of the nature of illness, wellness and healing
  • Incorporates all appropriate traditional and holistic evidence-based modalities and therapeutic approaches

Integrative Pain Management Evaluation

  • During an integrative pain management evaluation at 360 Sports, Spine and Wellness, the doctor may discuss the following with you:
    • The history of the injury that led to your pain and your current complaints
    • Past medical history, to include: illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, and prior treatment
    • Family history, social history, and relationships
    • Present medications and/or supplements you may be taking, and allergies
    • Nutrition/dietary habits
    • Movement, exercise and rest
    • Physical environment
    • Occupational history
    • Spirituality, mind-body connection, stress management and health goals
    • A review of any systemic issues you may be experiencing
  • Any health concerns you may have should be discussed at this evaluation so that the doctor can formulate a complete treatment recommendation that is specific to your needs